Villa Casanova is an historic Tuscan farmhouse dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

The original owners, the Balbani family, built their own chapel and later gave their name to the locality.

The chapel features a vaulted roof as well as murals of angels and cherubs.

As well as this, many old decorative pictures and images have been found around the grounds and restored to their original place in the chapel.

Used by the Balbani family for worship when they were in residence, their private balcony is still in place today.

Nearby the beautiful walled town of Lucca has a long and colourful history.

It's existence is known before 218 B.C., when the Roman general Sempronius used it as a base after a battle with Hannibal.

In 1805 Napoleon made it a dukedom for his cousin Felice Bacciochi before it was given to the Tuscan state in 1847.

In 1858 the Italian composer Puccini was born in the city and every year he is honoured by the "Puccini Festival' in Torre del Lago in July and August.

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